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  • Which material firmness should I use?
    A few factors go into picking out the firmness you want. Generally speaking most people like "medium" (Shore 10A). This is a good blend of firm enough to insert, soft enough to not be uncomfortable and all toys will self support if you stand them up. Soft (00-50 - about Shore 5A) is more gel like and won't self support in larger toys. Firm (Short 20A) is pretty firm and very rarely ordered / desired. Size matters in this case. A small toys will feel softer than a large toy for the same firmness. A small soft butt plug would be almost impossible to insert. A medium ooof (extra large) will feel very firm in medium. In a toy like incredismash if you're wanting to go full 10" depth anal insertion then you'd want to consider soft so it can traverse the turns better.
  • Can I get a color not in the color charts?
    Probably. Selling theory says we have to limit the choices presented in order to not have decision overload. But Mountain is a color / pigment addict and has 80+ options. Send us a chat or email and tell me what you're looking for and we can probably do it.
  • What is the normal shipping timeline?
    Orders are normally made within 24 hours of reciept of order and shipped within 24 hours after that. While there is no timing guarantees, Mountain takes great pride in super fast creation and getting them to the post office.
  • Discreet packaging?
    Packaging is very discreet. Plain cardboard boxes, no way to tell what's inside. The return label is from "TMT, LLC", not even "Twisted Mountain Toys". Nobody will know unless you share that information.
  • Free Shipping?
  • What if there's an issue? Do you do refunds / returns?
    These are custom made and are intimate products that can't be inspected / shelved / resold. So we can't do refunds or returns. But Mountain will stand by the quality of his products and if there is an issue with it please contact us and we will discuss remedies. Ultimately Mountain wants super happy customers willing to say great things so we'll discuss case by case how to handle any concerns.
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