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Sometimes you need a little longer neck. This family stretches about an extra inch in depth so it rides more comfortably for long term wear, or if you have a bigger body needs it to stay in. 


These plugs are designed to be comfortable and have a good insert width to neck ratio to enhance the staying in when inserted. They're also hand made and beautiful art. 

These are made from a nice medium firmness (shore 10A). These plugs will self support, but has some comfy give as well. If you want softer or firmer I stock one firmness level up and down from medium so just add a note if you want different. Soft would be harder to get inserted, especially on the smaller plugs.


There are a lot more colors available than shown, so if you want something different just ask. The shop owner is making new color samples that will show the range of color options, but that is a work in progress. But if you want a pink or copper or apple or whatever color - Just ask! The joy of hand made custom is we're happy to make whatever you'd like.


"Medium" is the normal average width of a penis. Small is smaller end of normal and large is on the larger end of normal. But for those really into size play - we got you. Meet "ooof". Funny name, but it's gonna get most anyone's attention. We cover starter to advanced. See the size reference photos. You can also ask for a "hand shot" with an average size hand holding one.


There is a smaller three set and a larger three set. The set price include a 15% discount. 

Stretched Extended Wear Silicone Butt Plug

  • Packaging is always extremely discrete. The toys are washed with soap and water, air dried, transferred by hand into a plastic bag. Then this product is shipped in a plain discrete package with no branding. Even the return address is discrete "TMT, LLC".

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